Craft Cocktails and Trends

Craft cocktails are not the same as the typical mixed drinks you see at your average bar. In addition to being more unique, they also tend to be more expensive than mixed drinks. Most bars charge $10 to $15 for a good craft cocktail, though some of the more luxurious establishments may even charge over $20. Craft cocktails are more expensive than typical mixed drinks, but the higher price point also increases profits. To begin, it helps to understand the ingredients and trends that contribute to the creation of a craft cocktail.


A craft cocktail is often made with a combination of various types of liquor and mixers. The proportion of each ingredient can greatly affect the taste of a cocktail, so it is essential to follow a precise measurement for each ingredient. Having a bar inventory system can help maintain consistency and monitor performance of craft cocktails. Here are some tips to create great tasting cocktails. Ingredients for craft cocktails should be fresh, clean and well-aged.


There are two basic techniques used by bartenders when making craft cocktails. One is rimming, which involves layering salt and sugar on the rim of a glass. The other is called rolling, and is a gentler method of mixing the ingredients. It works best when the ingredients are well-mixed. To make it, simply pour the mix from one vessel to the next six to ten times. Both methods are effective and take practice, but each technique requires some finesse.


One of the most enjoyable parts of any dinner party is the cocktail hour. Craft cocktails are a great way to entertain friends and family without the hassle of preparing a cocktail from scratch. Craft cocktail recipes come in many forms, including classics like the gin martini, the Old Fashioned, and margaritas. They can be served by the glass or made into a pitcher. These drinks are not only delicious, but they don’t require stirring or shaking. You can even make them ahead of time and serve them out of a pitcher.


Craft cocktail trend: From trendy to exotic, there’s a drink for everyone! From exotic to classic, there’s something for everyone, and the at-home craft cocktail movement is here to stay! You don’t have to be a professional mixologist to make great drinks at home – you don’t even have to leave your house! You can use the ingredients at your kitchen bar and your recipe book to get inspired. You can also buy craft ice, which is just like the ice used in luxury restaurants. Here are five trends that are sure to elevate the contents of your highball glass:


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Bars that serve them

Craft cocktail recipes often contain more than one type of liquor and several types of mixers. Inconsistency in the proportion of each ingredient can significantly affect the taste of the drink. To increase consistency, bartenders should use a sophisticated inventory system that compares rung in and poured amounts. The same logic applies to menu pricing. A bar that consistently makes good craft cocktails can command a higher price than its competitors, boosting its profit margins.